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TRANFLUENCE!™ - The Ultimate Power Training Program: Achieve Exceptional Personal Power, Influence & All that you Really Want

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  1. 1st Training Session - PLAYING WITH EMOTIONS:
    4 Elements
  2. 2nd Training Session - POWER EMOTIONS:
    5 Elements
  3. 3rd Training Session - TRANFLUENCE CORE Identity, Role, Frame, State (I did some Audio Recordings about Inner World about these CORE elements) - This is where I get to their CORE Identity & Role in regard to TEAM HUMANITY + TRANFLUENCE GLOBAL MISSION + Their ROLE in it
  4. INFLUENCE, TRANSFORMATION & CONTROL - How Does it actually work? | Information, Facts, Opinions & Beliefs vs Imagination, Sensations, Feelings & Emotions vs What we Really Want + Who is in Control of what influences us, who influences us, how we are influenced, how we feel & experience life, how we interact with others, how others feel when we interact with them? (CORE DESIRES), Desires & the Outcomes we Seek vs Choices, Behavior & Actions | (Influence SHIFTs us Towards or Away from what we really want - from our CORE Self & CORE Desires - and when, as a result, we are Transformed = we Become closer or further away from our CORE as our Default way of being [state/frame/identity/role] = our life is also Transformed as a result, closer to or further away from the way we really want it to be, from fulfilling our CORE Desires) | Transformation vs Information - this program is Not to teach you what you need and can do and what can happen in your life if only...., Here we'll actually make it happen - right here, right now, together with you!
  5. LEADERSHIP, TEAMS, MVP - How Influence works in the various Teams in our lives, Becoming an MVP in your Teams, Creating Power Teams
    1 Element
  6. PERSONAL POWER & INFLUENCE - Power-Full vs Power-Fool vs Power-Less, how does it actually work?
  7. Our Inner World - what is actually going on there, the 2 worlds inside us
    3 Elements
  8. INTERNAL HABITUAL AUTO RESPONSE SYSTEMS - How does it work, how they are formed, how to change those that don't serve our best interest, and how to form quickly & easily new Power-Full Response Systems & Power Habits that will Transform us and our lives the way we really want
    1 Element
  9. FRAMES - What are they, how do they influence us and control our lives, and how to create Power-Full Frames that will serve us well
  10. STATES - What are they, how do they influence us and control our lives, and how to create Power-Full States that will serve us well
  11. IDENTITIES & ROLES - What are they, how do they influence us and control our lives, and how to create Power-Full Identities & Roles that will serve us well + how to swich in and out of Identities & Roles On-Demand
  12. POWER-FULL INTERACTIONS, POWER-FULL EXPERIENCES & FEELINGS, and POWER-FULL OUTCOMES - Putting it all together to create an absolutely ecstatic extraordinary life for us and others
Module 2, Element 3
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DEMONSTRATE – Playful vs Dull

Tom Essence October 1, 2022
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