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Tranfluence - Transform Your Life.

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  1. Messaging

    4 Elements
  2. What Is Tranfluence
    4 Elements
  3. Tranfluence - Profound Messaging_Jay Abraham @ TR:
  4. Tranfluence - All In = Do it All & Give it All:
  5. Program Structure >>> Transform Your Life - Become Your Best Self, Create Your Best Life
    >>> Tranfluence Massive Recruitment (Like MLM) > Big Events, Huge In-Flow
    2 Elements
  6. 3 Programs - Core, Team Leader, Team Support:
  7. ☆☆☆ Buddy System !!!
    2 Elements
  8. Power Review: Students will Record a Short Video on their Phone towards the End of Each Session (while in Class - as a Mission) - Expressing What They Got from the Program So Far + How They Feel: Make it a Power Review! Then, Upload it to their Program's Journal (Set Up Vimeo Video Upload)
  9. Give Recognition (and by that, Status) to Any-Student Any-Time they Perform a Task they way I want, or Act the way i want - Reward them with Pleasure!
  10. One Merged Program - Power Relationships & Interactions:
    2 Elements
  11. WEEK 1 > Tranfluence - Inner World VS Outer World || Shifting Inner World Towards Core || Change How You See Yourself, Others, The World, Life
    >> WEEK 1 - NEW >>
    14 Elements
  12. Session 1 - Excluded Stuff
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POWER MAP >> Your Journey in this Program has few Key ‘Components’ Each ‘Component’ includes ‘Elements’ and ‘Missions’. Every ‘Element’ will introduce you to an essential step in your journey. In each ‘Mission’, you will actually take a step, and make a move forward in your journey. Completing Successfully all the ‘Elements’ and ‘Missions’ of each Key ‘Component’ will advance you greatly in your journey to greatness, and will also prepare you to the next key “Component’. >> The Program’s Key Components, Elements & Missions are your Power Map. Understanding and Following the Power Map is essential to your personal success. This is no ordinary program, and no ordinary map. When yo follow the Power Map and make Power Moves you gain Power. The Power to Become the kind of person you really want. The Power to have to kind of life you really want. The Power to Make It Happen. More and Stronger Power Moves on the Power Map = More and Stronger Power within Yourself & in Your Life.

Tom Essence February 14, 2022
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